Training Services


Is your service able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community and comply with increasingly complex standards?

Providing effective and Responsive Services in a Culturally Diverse Community is dynamic and challenging area, constantly changing and now a core requirement.

We have many options available to meet the needs of your agency or service or organisation.

GMS has been providing training for agencies and organizations throughout the Gippsland region and beyond for many years, and have experienced trainers and extensive resources. Our training is carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of services and agencies across a broad range of sectors.

We provide training on a fee for service basis, which can be on site at your workplace, or at our well equipped centre, and tailored to the needs/context/timeframe of participants.

Some key areas we provide training in for health services include:-

  • Cultural Competency within Services, including at a policy level through to a service delivery level, and including cultural awareness.
  • Working effectively with language services.
  • Understanding the refugee/humanitarian experience – pre and post settlement, key settlement challenges, and key health issues.
  • Demographics and understanding Gippsland’s diverse community.

We also provide periodic professional development seminars of topics of interest and relevance to the region.


For more information contact us either by email with the subject of Training Services:

Email:  GMS

or contact us by phone on: 03 5133 7072